Worthy candidates, valuable employees.

Warsaw, Ostrobramska 101, Poland.
+48 57 777 80 96

Dream team

A professional and committed engineering team is no longer a dream.

High remote performance

We guarantee the proper fulfilment of responsibilities.

People are key

We ensure the comfortable work of our employees.

Certified professionals

We do professional training for our employees and certification.

remote team

up a team in a few weeks just got real

Server technologies

and API development

We have a keen track record in such server technologies as Python (Django, Flask, Fast API), PHP (Laravel, Magento, Symphony), C# (.NET), JavaScript (NodeJs, Next, Express, Koa), Java, Golang, Rust

Cloud technologies

infrastructure and deployment

The DevOps engineers with AWS and Azure services expertise are willing to set up complex CI/CD.

Frontend technologies


Frontend development is one of the key directions. We know everything about Angular, React, Vue and other SPA frameworks.

Mobile technologies

app development

Hybrid or native development? We are ready to tell you about applications we developed using React Native, Flutter or native technologies.

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