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We provides full-cycle data and analytics services. Consolidate all data sources regardless of their size, complexity, or structure into a holistic environment, visualize and embed analytics across key processes, and extract actionable insights with a focus on business outcomes.

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How it works

System requirements

detailed specifications of the functions, features, and constraints that a software system must adhere to in order to meet the needs of its users and operate effectively within its intended environment. System requirements are typically divided into two main categories: functional requirements and non-functional requirements. Here’s a closer look at each type and their significance:

  • 01

    System features

    Functional Requirements
    • What the product must do
    • Operations and workflows
    • Formats and validity of data
    • User interface behavior
  • 02

    Quality attributes

    Non-Functional Requirements
    • Scallability
    • Availability
    • Security
    • Performance
  • 03

    System constrains

    Limitations and boundaries
    • Time
    • Budget
    • Legal
    • Team Composition

What’s the outcome?

  • Sequence diagram

    bewort outcome

    A sequence diagram is a type of UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagram that illustrates how objects interact in a particular sequence of time. It shows the order of interactions between objects to accomplish a specific task or a function.

  • Functional diagram

    Bewort outcome functional diagram

    Functional diagrams, often referred to as functional flow diagrams or functional block diagrams, depict the functional relationships between major components of a system. They focus on the high-level functions and how they interact to achieve the overall system goals.

  • Documentation

    Bewort outcome documentation

    Written materials that explain various aspects of a software system. It serves as a reference for developers, users, stakeholders, and maintenance teams throughout the lifecycle of the software.

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Future support

A range of activities and services are provided to ensure the effective use, maintenance, and enhancement of a software application. This includes assistance to users and developers both during and after the software deployment.

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